The Clutch City Podcast
The Clutch City Podcast

Rob stops by for the last podcast of 2013 and talks End of 2013, earning a Purple Belt in BJJ, Life and more. All info at

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The creative hustler Adam Scorgie @AdamScoreG surprises me with another text saying he's in Houston and is looking to do a podcast! All info at

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The one and only @Waterboxer on twitter joins me this week. All info at

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Today we jump into Trent Kaminski's projects of rain water harvesting, Aquanponics, and solar power. All info at

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After interacting on Instagram Maya Fernandez on twitter and instagram @MayaLouh calls in via Skype from her current residence of Madrid, Spain. Topics discussed included Spain, travel, nutrition, Celiac disease, a future NPC figure show, pre contest prep, business ideas from the future masters student, and much more. All info at

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The creative hustler and indie film maker Adam Scorgie joins me for a great podcast where we discuss the current life on the road as a film maker, and many updates on the upcoming sequel to the union, the culture high!

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Singer, Songwriter, performer Scott McLaughlin joins me this week for a podcast on everything music, living in California, touring, performing, and life thoughts from many angles. Strap in and enjoy! All info at

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Local realtor Randy Canales comes through for an awesome podcast about life, jujitsu, and tons of awesome info on his profession as a realtor.

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Comedian @TylerRothRock is a working comedian 4 years into his craft and has recently made the shift from his hometown to the big apple!

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Tune in and zone out with Rob, Trent, and past guest Goonie as we discuss things from nonsense scenarios to Trent's aquaponics system, and new solar plans, as well as some MMA, fitness, and last weeks Joe Rogan show in Houston with rob, and a real estate update with Goonie.

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@MattGetsMad on twitter joins me and talks major 160lbs weight loss journey. Strap in and enjoy! All info at

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Joining me today after weeks of busy schedules friends of the show Rob and Trent hop on the mics for an open discussion about recent events, upcoming events, and what mostly turned into fitness talk, religion, and life. All info at

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Aspiring comedian @HearAndyTalk joins me for what was 2 hours of awesome, entertaining, and inspiring audio content! Tune in, strap up, and feed your brain with a conversation from 2 very like minded podcasters trying to make sense of a lot while breaking down some shit!​ ALL INFO at

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Fellow Texan, editor, and info junkie John Bravo from at joins me for a great podcast. STRAP IN! All info at

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Today @Robert_Ezzell & @TrentKaminski on twitter join me for a podcast about all kinds of different subjects. Listen, enjoy, and please share the show. All info at

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Good friend, TV Producer, Editor, and fellow podcaster Scott PelleGrino @SjPelleGrino on twitter returns to the podcast. All info at

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@Robert_Ezzell & @TrentKaminski Join me! All info at

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Todays guest @GC_ii on twitter, and as his bio states he's "Son of God, Father, Musician, Producer, Artist, Poet. All in one amazing story I am blessed to call life". Strap up for an interesting podcast on music, life, and the journey Greg is on to make it to the top. All info at Please subscribe on iTunes and stitcher radio, and while you're there rate and review the show.

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In this episode i was joined by Scott PelleGrino on twitter @SJPelleGrino Host of the Cherry Tree Podcast. Get the full story at

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Old friend and fellow podcaster David Seaman stops by for a great podcast on life, happiness, his new TV morning show, and everything that he's done and has been working on since October of last year when we first met and I first had him on the podcast while in Houston during his congressional campaign. All info is at

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The first person to order one of the shirts i am producing for Adam Scorgie and his films The Union and The Culture High @LuccaBanana Calls in for a podcast about all kinds of things. Enjoy! All info at

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Friends of the podcast Rob and Trent join me after a few weeks and a trip to Nashville. We talk about the trip, this last weekends night out with friends and podcast listeners, plus more. All info at

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@BLNRadio @BlackListedNews joins me. All info at

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Past guest John Bravo the editor and chief of @TopTheNews on twitter drops by for a great podcast on tons of topics from current news, a little pop culture, and some personal beliefs on life, religion and what happens when we die. Strap in and ENJOY! All info at

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Today I'm joined by Mike Smith owner and operator of House Of Sound Studios and his lead engineer, HOS is a great one stop shop studio offering artist everything they need to produce a great final product and all at a fair cost. Check out for full info on this episode.

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This week friends of mine and the podcast Rob and Trent hop on the mics for a very interesting and entertaining podcast. Follow them and myself on twitter.

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One of the owners and coaches of Veritas Strength and conditioning Andy, joined me for a podcast about his crossfit gym, nutrition, supplemntation, nursing, and much more. Join me, @robert_ezzell and Andy in a very informative episode.

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Host of the Psychedelic Salon podcast Lorenzo Hagerty joins me! We talk psychedelics, life, drug history, god, the pursuit of life and so much more. All info at

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Rob and Trent join me for a podcast to start off everyones week. All info at

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​As you guys will hear in the added intro this is a revisit to a great episode that also has a little more info for you great listeners. ENJOY! ALL info at

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Today i was joined by my buddy Dylon. He's @robert_ezzell 's go to guy for work on his dreds, an open minded person, and a new father to his first child. All info at

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Time gets away from us and we enjoy every minute of it. Join tony, trent, and myself, all info at

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