The Clutch City Podcast
The Clutch City Podcast

Old fiend and past guest Tony Pasek returns to talk about his moving to Florida to pursue private aviation, and also throws down a lot of knowledge on real estate, relationships, and life. Robert Ezzell and Scott Davis of the jiu jitsu podcast are also in the house! All info at

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Audio engineer and music producer Greg Coppens makes his return to the podcast after more than a year since being on. All info at

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Tonight good friend @TheTylerBridges joins me for his first podcast, also joining me were @SustainableCple and @Robert_Ezzell. All info at

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I've added yet another podcast to the umbrella of good shows hosted by awesome people. Here we have the inaugural podcast for the @HTownBreakDown sports podcast i'll be producing. Their feed should be up by Monday, till then, like the jiu jitsu podcast enjoy episode #001 here.

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NPC Bodybuilder Adam Romo on instagram @Flexin_Prican comes by the studio. @GoonDavila and @TheTylerBridges also sit it in. All info at

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Good friend of strength training partner @GoonDavila returns to the podcast, and then @TrentKaminski joins in about 10 minutes into the episode.

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Post the culture high screening Adam came over to podcast. Forgive my flat sounding mic, i used a broken one and didnt realize it till after. All info at

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Keith visits Houston for a week to get ready for a permanent move here. We talk about the visit, Ohio, his thoughts on Houston, and then the jiu jitsu podcast guys pretty much take over. Enjoy, all info at

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Today Ara Andonian @TheAraShow talks about all things radio, broadcasting, and the creative hustle. All info at

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Surprise! Double header this week. Tonight I was joined by Houstonian & published model Shelby James Leger @ladyleger and her boyfriend, music producer Garrett B. @TrakkSounds.

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Find out how Jared is Crowdsourcing philanthropy & changing our world $1 at a time. Follow him @JaredJanes and @JoinAltruist. All info at

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Trent joins me along with his girlfriend to talk about the Kombucha company, recent traveling, life, and more. Robert Ezzell also joins in around half way in. Follow the guys on twitter @TheKombuchaCo @TrentKaminski @Robert_Ezzell and follow the Sponsor @Pro_Float

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Director Seti Gershberg joins me to talk about his 2 year journey to peru and the Ayahuasca film that came from it. Follow him on twitter @ThePathOfTheSun all info at

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Post @TheJiuJitsuPod some of the guys stuck around after lunch and sat in for a podcast. Great times with great people. Make sure to tune into The JiuJitsu Podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio available now.

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No this isn't a pursuit podcast but all the info is in the first 3 minutes of this podcast. Enjoy and share!

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Today Pro muay thai fighter Jay Matias @JayMatias on Twitter joins me to talk about his recent trip to Peru and his Ayahuasca journey. All info at

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Today rob joins me and my guest Mike to talk about the recent NORML Houston meet up, Mikes Documentary, and much more. All info at

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Today Jen and I talk about her recent trip to Dallas for the Podcast Movement Conference, her podcast the congressional dish, and much more. All info at

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Today the rest of the houstonians from the Metamoris 4 trip join the podcast for 3 plus hours of podcast gold. All info at

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Today @Robert_Ezzell touches on his metamois 4 trip, the stories continue next week when @JoeyMrtnz and @JFotyoz join us for more. All info at

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Today Adam covers the launch of The Culture High and the campaigns starting around the U.S. All info at

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Today my good friend Trent Kaminski @TrentLife joins me to talk about his new start up, The Kombucha Company, the process of making the healthy tea, and much more. All info at

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Today Bobby aka @Ironhammer5 drops knowledge on Pot Coin and all of his projects @PotFunder @CoinJoint @HighonPotCoin. Follow him, his work, and share the podcast. All info at

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Today's local podcast episode is with fellow houstonian Juan Hernandez, a student at UofH downtown. Juan is Assistant Editor for UHD's Dateline Downtown Newspaper. All info at

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Today @JesseKeimComedy a comedian, podcaster, youtuber, and writer joins me for an epic podcast! All info at

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Today aspiring stand up comic and Inspired disorder podcast co-host Keith Spurlock joins me. All info at

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An old friend and podcaster @NoFunJohnny Formerly known as OrganizedKhaos joins me for this locals Thursday show. All info at

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This week Web marketing guru Paul DiGiovann @PaulieDigi talks ideas for online content creators and projects of his own. All info at

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Good friend of the show Robert Ezzell joins me to talk BJJ, Life, Relationships and much more. All info at

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This week @LouisLorencez an aspiring film maker stops by to talk about his projects and journey.

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Local BJJ legend Victor Pozas, @Robert_Ezzell and @Jfotyoz hop on the mics this week. Vics story is for every starving fighter, every BJJ addict, and anyone looking to seriously drop everything to pursue what they love.

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Today the very gorgeous and talented Olivia Alexander @TheLivAlexander joins me. All info at

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Starting the 2 podcats a week is @BenjaminRitter Dating and Relationship Consultant, Health Analyst, Author of The Essentials: Co-founder of Suave Lover International and the Suave Lover Podcast. All info at

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This week, Motivational speaker and Founder of the Blog Sue Levy @Sue_Levy on twitter calls in from South Africa. all info at Robgtv.

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It's here folks episode 100, couldn't have asked for a more entertaining and fun podcast, enjoy. All info at

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This Week @DavidDiGiovanni on twitter joins me to talk about the long list of projects he and his brother are working on. From bitcoin to social media we cover it all. All info at

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Today Sean Fagan @Muay_Thai_Guy on twitter joins me. Sean is a Muay Thai fighter from New York Currently living in Thailand. Enjoy the awesome story from this passionate entrepreneur and fighter. All info at

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This week teller of jokes and podcast host @HearAndyTalk on twitter joins me! All info at

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Host of the congressional dish podcast Jenifer Briney @JenBriney joins me this week for a podcast about politics, podcasting, and life.

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Catch just over an hour of Jujitsu Talk, a sprinkle of life philosophy, & the rundown from the recent Metamoris 3 trip with Joey, AKA @JFotyOz on tiwtter. All info at

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Shes back after over a year since doing the first podcast! @MeghanTonjes breaks down music and life the way few can. All info at

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This week @jaredjanes breaks down the new approach his company @JoinAltruist is taking in order to make a real change for charities around the world. All info at

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Worlds collide this week when the great artist, podcaster, and creator of the Inspired Disorder Collective network @RayTaylor stops by for an epic podcast. All info at

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A little late but here it is! This week a great friend in @GoonDavila drops by to have a fun time on the podcast. We talked life, growing up, human interaction, the tinder app, relationships, and much more. All info at

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Today on the podcast local creative hustler and Houston Texas talent @DjSpaceCity stops by! All info at

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The creative hustler Adam Scorgie @AdamScoreG stops by! Updates on the Culture High, Sundance, and the scoreG Exchange podcast coming soon! all info at

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A short podcast with Rob and Trent. Robs bjj tournament, trents projects, and a little bit of relationship questions. All info at

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This week Miss South Texas Keli Jean Kryfko @KKryfko on twitter joins me! We talk overcoming obesity, nutrition, pageant prep and more! All info at

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It's late but its here! This week @SJPelleGrino stops by to talk end of 2013, his transition to director of programing at the DeFranco network, and tons of great life philosophy. all info at

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Today actress, singer, and dancer Olivia Alexander @TheLivAlexander on twitter joins me for a great podcast on life in LA, managing a productive lifestyle, inspiring and helping others while singing, acting, and dancing her way to living her dreams. All info at

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Host of the disinfo podcast, editor and author at and booking for the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Matt Staggs stops by to start off 2014 with a big bang of a podcast.

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