The Clutch City Podcast
The Clutch City Podcast

Director Seti Gershberg joins me to talk about his 2 year journey to peru and the Ayahuasca film that came from it. Follow him on twitter @ThePathOfTheSun all info at

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Post @TheJiuJitsuPod some of the guys stuck around after lunch and sat in for a podcast. Great times with great people. Make sure to tune into The JiuJitsu Podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio available now.

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No this isn't a pursuit podcast but all the info is in the first 3 minutes of this podcast. Enjoy and share!

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Today Pro muay thai fighter Jay Matias @JayMatias on Twitter joins me to talk about his recent trip to Peru and his Ayahuasca journey. All info at

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Today rob joins me and my guest Mike to talk about the recent NORML Houston meet up, Mikes Documentary, and much more. All info at

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Today Jen and I talk about her recent trip to Dallas for the Podcast Movement Conference, her podcast the congressional dish, and much more. All info at

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